Graphic design

Social media posts

Grabbing attention, conveying the brand’s identity and showing off products. As an example, here You can see some of the countless posts I have made for mebloo – commerce shop selling furniture.


Banners for websites and print communicating promotions, special events or just welcoming. Elements directing to certain part of the website.

Photo editing

Enhancing product photos, removing excessive and distracting elements, making sure colors look vibrant and remain real etc.


Logo and app icons


Designing CV and personal branding.
The content of the presented projects has been changed, as the nature of data is quite personal.
Designing branding (no mater if scale is big like for company or small for person) can be challenging because it requires understanding the character and most importantly aspirations.

Page A is a company specializing in origami. You can read more here.


From business cards, tags through book covers and exhibitions or rollups to banners for whole building.

Card for fabric samples and tags for cushions.

Exhibition for Institute of Literary Research
of the Polish Academy of Sciences – IBL PAN

Book covers

Special projects

Always up for a challenge of working with something new.

On the right You can see tyflographics for The National Museum in Warsaw.

Tyflographics allow the museum to conduct lessons for blind visitors. They are printed on swelling paper. This allows us to understand the shapes on the painting through touch and quite literally touch the art. The paintings have to be reduced patterns and simple lines, because its impossible to convey many details through a sense of touch.

Portrait of Stanisław August with a hat with feathers, Marcello Bacciarelli, after 1780 and Four-fold icon: Crucifixion Christ, three images of the Mary, mother of Jesus: “Notice of my humility”, “Salvation from misfortunes” and “Nowonikitska, angels, and saints”, XIX century.