Home Care -website

A scalable website for for finding rental homes

First: empathize & define

I created two personas: one renting, another renter. I find that documenting personas etc. are super useful when one came back to the project to realize what kind of approaches have already been explored.

An absolute crucial goal for such a design would be to create trust.

Not only to the website, but also between two types of users.

Second thing is to take a lot of possible scenarios into consideration. Users can not only be interested if their potential flat is furnished or not, but some would love to know, right away, if their pets would be accepted, or if a place is suitable, for example, for someone with walking implement.

Ideate stage

Started with some quick sketches on a doted paper. Joust to iterate on as many ideas a needed before starting to create a product.

Low fidelity prototype

From this I created a low fidelity prototype. You can check it out here.


I decided the part most needing testing were filters. I tested several iterations of “additional filters” panel. A long list of possible filters needed to be grouped and put in the right order for it to be easily scannable and fast to read thou. Too many filters would not only make that difficult, but also make it less likely for users creating a home announcement to use them.

What I found testing filters was:

  • Icons only seamed to make list more confusing (I was considering adding icon for every section)
  • Separate clearly in sections
  • When the choice is either or, it is necessary to make it clear that choice is not mandatory
High fidelity design

List of things that would make a great addition to this project:

  • A handy way to compare between liked options. I would like a table listing features of 2 or 3 liked apartments at the time.
  • I don’t love the footer. However, I think redesigning it would be great much further in design process, after all major user flows have been complicated.

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