Local Cinema app

A concept for an app that helps You explore Your local cinemas and movies in them.

The design was meant to be both clean, easy to read, with a little pinch of nostalgia for the times when we used to check this information in a printed newspaper.

Local Cinema- app icon

Simple color palette.
Beige tones reminiscent of an old newspaper and fresh more poping orange.

Font that is easy to read and brings to mind fonts one could find in typewriters.

Featured movies are highlighted in a delicate, non-distracting way.

Movie poster. To make it more engaging and to let it set the color scheme for the specific movie, the background is a blurred poster.

App design includes:

  • Clean and non-distracting look. Going to the cinema is a way we relax and spend time with the friends. An app hat helps chose them shouldn’t be distracting.
  • Basic features: List of films, list of senses, most important information about the film, buy a ticket feature, rating.
  • Additional features: Map of all local cinemas, ability to search by hour, fresh premieres clearly marked.