Meteogram app

A personal project came about from looking for a perfect weather app. There is of course abundance to choose from but they did not spark my trust. I wanted something with charts instead of symbols like the sun or cloud.

Visualizing complex data

On the desktop, I usually go to but the website is not mobile-friendly or nicely designed.
I wanted to have faster access to the meteogram I look for most often which is the Warsaw one.

Weather is amazing

Numerical weather prediction is a way to make weather predictions based on mathematical models and constant tracking of current weather conditions.
Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM) is a supercomputing and research data center at the University of Warsaw in Poland that make their model available online on
The only thing lacking in this amazing project was design.

Same brand identity used to create persona to help empathize with user.

App design includes:

  • Nice and colorful visuals on complex data.
  • Customization of theme on a graph.
  • Easy access to changing location and date.
  • Change order of graphs.